Commonly Asked Questions:

1. How do I ship my firearm to CCR?

A. CCR is a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, so you can ship your complete firearm to us yourself. If you ship a complete Handgun you must ship it via UPS or FedEx, Shotguns and Rifles maybe shipped via USPS.

We are also a preferred FFL on, Just follow the directions on their site and select Cummings Custom Refinishing (CCR) to save some money shipping in.

2. How do I ship a slide and/or parts?

A. You can send slides and/or parts via USPS, the flat rate priority boxes are very affordable. Do not ship Handgun frames via the USPS.

3. Can I have my FFL ship my gun to CCR?

A. Yes, you can have your FFL ship your firearms to us. Please remember we will have to ship it back to your FFL and we will need a copy of their FFL.

4. Do you disassemble and strip the current finish that is on my gun?

A. Yes, we completely disassemble every firearm and remove the current finish. Finishes such as bluing, parkerization, and most factory finishes are easily removed while other finishes such as Nickel and other aftermarket finishes will require an additional charge to be removed.

5. What parts of my firearm will be refinished?

A. We will refinish as many parts as we can. We however do not refinish springs, or inside of the bores of barrels. For plating, internal parts can be plated for an additional charge.

6. What is your average Turnaround time?

A. Our turnaround times vary depending on our work load when we receive your order. The average is 8 to 10 weeks and up to 12 weeks for specialty gunsmithing work. Please contact us at 423-639-8924 for details.

7. What is the difference between Cera-Hide and CPII ?

A. CPII is a composite plating process. It is a plating process in which provides lubrication throughout its matrix. The finish is very rust and corrosion resistant. Cera-Hide is a polymer based thermally cured self lubricating finish that is sprayed on. Cera-Hide is a very wear resistant and is much more durable then finishes such as bluing or parkerization.