Here at CCR we are always researching new technology to bring you the latest advances in Firearm finishes. We even offer a Limited Life Time Warranty on both our Cera-Hide and CPII finishes.


CCR is proud to announce our newest finish Dusk. Dusk is a chemical process which allows us to Darken our already proven Cera-Plate Nickel finishes. Dusk offers all of the same great features such as: High Hardness, Exceptional Lubricity, and great corrosion protection.
Dusk will give you a Deep Rich Smokey metallic look that will vary depending on the substrant surface material. Dusk will be available on Carbon and Stainless steels only. Due to the complex Dusk process, please contact CCR for what parts can be processed.


Cera-Hide is the result of over two years of research and development with breakthroughs in nano technology. Cera-Hide is a highly developed thermally cured coating that has a ceramic infused Nano Matrix. Cera-Hide is a blend of resins, polymers, pigments and additives designed to provide a smooth durable finish. Cera-Hide offers great rust and corrosion resistance with standing over 1000 hours Military Salt Spray testing Cera-Hide is a self lubricating finish. It is the only finish that offers three forms of lubrication which reduces the friction and wear on moving parts. We also include a mil spec hot parkerization of all carbon steel parts prior to applying our Cera-Hide for an additional layer of rust and corrosion protection. Besides it is the only way to insure that all parts inside blind holes and in tunnels receive protections from rust and corrosion which cannot be reached by spray methods. This step is already incorporated in our pricing Cera-Hide is available in Matte Black, House Black which has a deep rich mid luster sheen, OD Green, Dark Earth, Dark side Stainless and our newest Tri-Tanium which is a semi metallic earth tone. We also may be able to mix custom colors upon request.


Ni-kote is a Nickel based alternative finish to tank based Nickel plating. We at CCR have designed Ni-kote for use on Anodized Alloy frames ONLY to be as close of a match to our CPII plating process as possible without having to compromise the factory Anodization. Ni-kote is also a self lubricating finish that offers three forms of lubrication and durability without damage to the alloy frame.

CPII Plating:

CPII is a true composite plating process. It is an Electroless Nickel / Boron Nitride tank based plating system that incorporates Boron Nitride particles within the matrix of a phosphate system. Benefits include exceptionally low coefficient of friction, superior release and excellent wear resistance. CP II is perfect for applications that require the lubrication of Teflon but need more wear resistance. As wear occurs fresh particles of Boron Nitride are exposed continuing to ensure the lubricating factors though out. CPII also allows longer firing periods between cleaning and makes cleaning of your gun a breeze CPII is a multi facetted plating process that offers outstanding rust and corrosion protection Up to 10 times the protection of other plating such as Nickel/Teflon and Chrome CPII is far from your standard plating it is a true composite plating process that is made possible by the breakthroughs in Nano Technology CPII is also an Eco friendly process. CPII is the color similar to a Bead Blasted Stainless would look CPII will be available for steels. We do not plate anodized alloys.


We also offer mil spec parkerization which was a standard military finish for many years. Parkerizing or phosphate is a method of protection the surface of steel from rust and corrosion and is an effective alternative to bluing Parkerize will be a med to dark gray in color depending on the steel. We also can provide a pre dip blacking process is desired.