Terms: Our refinishing prices include disassembly and reassembly of your firearm. If you send in a disassembled firearm or just parts you must include an inventory list. We will not be held responsible for missing parts if no list is included.

Our refinishing does not include the removal of existing rust, pits, or dings. We do include a total detailed cleaning and inspection of all parts. Rust and pit removal will be available at a additional charge. We will provide you with a quote after we receive and inspect your firearm.

There will be an additional charge to remove aftermarket finishes and previously plated parts. We will not be held responsible for damage to night sights that have been installed using lock tight or excessive force.

Payment is due when the firearm is sent in. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, Personal Checks and Money orders. Return shipping and insurance are additional. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage in shipping. All packages will be shipped Uninsured unless Insurance is purchased and paid for before shipping.

Turnaround times will vary depending on our work load when we receive your order.

Completed work order forms must be included with all orders


Handgun Slides$149
Handgun barrels$39
Handgun mags (Standard Capacity)$42
Complete Steel framed Handgun(Includes controls)$389
Steel frames$199
Steel frames w/internals$249
Handguns w/DUSK on slide, barrel, controls and Cera-Hide on Frame$379
Handguns w/DUSK on slide, barrel, controls and Ni-kote on Frame$389
Handgun Controls (Trigger, Hammer, Take down, Decocker, Mag release)$98

CPII (Cera-Plate II)

Handgun Slides$139
Handgun barrels$30
Handgun mags (Standard Capacity)$36
Complete Steel framed Handgun(Includes controls)$359
Steel frames$179
Steel frames w/internals$229
Handguns w/CPII on slide, barrel, controls and Cera-Hide on Frame$329
Handguns w/CPII on slide, barrel, controls and Ni-kote on Frame$339
Handgun Controls (Trigger, Hammer, Take down, Decocker, Mag release)$79
Internals in slide and frame$98
AR15 bolt and carrier$129
AR10 bolt and carrier$149
Small parts minimum plating charge (Per Part)$18

Electroless Nickel

Handgun Slides$129
Handgun Mags (Standard Capacity)$32
Complete Steel framed Handgun(Includes controls)$269
Steel frames$169
AR15 bolt and carrier$98
AR10 bolt and carrier$109
Small parts minimum plating charge (Per Part)$15

Cera-Hide Pricing

Handgun slides$98
Handgun barrels$29
Handgun mags standard capacity$25
Rifle mags (up to 25rd)$32
Complete handgun including one mag (Up to two colors) controls included$219
Handgun frame gutted$119
Handgun frame with controls$169
Pump Shotguns$219
Bolt Actions starting at$219
Semi Auto rifles starting at$219
Military rifles starting at$259

Additional charges for Refinishing

Rust and pit removal starts at$25
Chemical stripping of previously nickel plating starts at$50
Compensated/Ported guns and barrels require plugging$20
Re-blackening of sights (Front/Rear)$15
Fit/Install new sights starts at$25
Match grade or exceptionally tight fit firearms for CPII plating may require additional fitting starts at$50

Custom 1911 Work:

Bobtail Installation (Labor)$75
Refinish Frame$79
Ed Brown Bobtail$50
Memory Groove Safeties$35
Installation on Safeties$75

Bead Blasting:

Stainless Handguns starting at$89

Sights are available for sale, please check with us for pricing.

Call For a Complete List of Gunsmithing Services.
Payment is due when items are shipped in
No refunds on Gift Certificates.
Deposits are non-refundable once scheduled.
All packages will be shipped uninsured if insurance is not purchased .
No refunds on pre-paid discounted sales.