Welcome to the CCR Website.

CCR Refinishing has been serving gun owners, firearms dealers and manufactures across the county for over 25 years. What sets CCR apart from other firearm refinishers is our attention to detail. We are a small family owned and operated company that believes in quality and craftsmanship above all

We provide our own line of proprietary coatings and plating’s that we have developed just for firearms. We do not just open a can of DIY paint.

Each part of every firearm is inspected disassembled and prepped by hand . We remove dings, scratches , blemishes and factory imperfections. This step alone can take hours depending on the condition of the firearm. Rust and pit removal is also available and is done by hand if needed. We DO NOT just media blast and spray over problems we remove them the proper way. This step is the key to a quality long lasting finish that will make you gun look better then the day it left the factory.

Each firearm that gets our Cera-Hide finish goes through a 10 step process. All steel parts are parkerized for an additional layer of rust and corrosion protection. Also parkerization protects the substrates in areas that cannot be reached by conventional spray methods. Alloy parts are also pretreated for improved adhesion and protection. This is a step that others don’t take the time to do or couldn’t be bothered with.

Our CPII plating is an 18 step process for each and every part that is plated. Each and every part that is plated with CPII is prepped by hand to ensure there are no tolerance issues. CPII offer the lowest coefficient of friction which reduces wear on moving parts. CPII also offers great protection for your firearms.

We go above and beyond to provide a higher level of service. Please keep in mind that quality and craftsmanship take time and although sometimes our turnaround times seem long the end result is well worth the wait.